All aBout Girl Forum Studi Islam dan Lingkungan (Forstilling)

Kesehatan Fiskal Daerah
30 March 2017
The 14th Hokkaido Indonesian Student Association Scientific Meeting (HISAS 14)
30 March 2017


All aBout Girl or so-called ABG is one form of student activity events organized by the Institute for Autonomous Students at the Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University that is Forum Studi Islam dan Lingkungan (Forstilling). ABG is a series of events that aims to study and examine contemporary issues that occur in women, especially Muslimah and link it with fiqh of women and seeks to upgrade the soft skills of Muslimah student in FEB and that event held in every Friday when Friday prayers. With a broad scope of participants that’s why ABG is packaged as attractive as possible in order to attract Muslimah student at the FEB. ABG itself has two series of the regular review about kemuslimahan and soft skills training to hone Muslim women to be more skilled for the things that should be occupied by women in general.

               In the first focus, ABG will examine and discuss how planting aqidah actually inside a Muslimah, then also will study the deeds what they are able to do the Muslimah while being absent for prayer, at other times will be discussed as well as to how should a Muslimah put themself and the feeling when exposed to the ‘pink virus’, and will also examine the many issues surrounding women in general and broad. And the second focus, that the activities of ABG is not monotonous with the study, it will be held ‘Fun Cooking’ to train Muslimah women to be skilled in cooking. Not only skilled in cooking, but it will also be a distraction another form of making handicrafts or to make an interesting article.

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