19 October 2017
19 October 2017

As one of autonomous institution which are within the scope of Student Excecutive Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya, Economics and Business Dance Club (EDC) take part in every art and cultural activities that was held by Untitled Production Indonesia.  Competition is an opportunity for EDC to show their existence and their ability, also to test the creativity from EDC members. Start from that desire, then EDC trying so hard to lift up the name of Faculty of Economics and Business and maintain what we have achieved beforehand. On October 22nd 2017, EDC Cover will attend a competition named “Autumn K-Show Competition” in Ganesha APMD building in Yogyakarta.

This competition is national competition that attended by Indonesian dancers. This competition has two step of selection, first there is a selection through video uploaded to youtube, and then participants who qualify will compete in final stage. EDC have uploaded a video on youtube (check it on EDC Brawijaya youtube channel) and on October 11th 2017 we pass the first selection and get into final. The competition start at 10.00 until 15.30 WIB with guest star performance. The gueststar are cover dance group named Luminous and WTF.

The winner from this competition will take 3 teams to win the first place, second place, and favourite. Winner’s rating is accumulation from judge point and likes point on social media instagram. Delegates from EDC are Alifia Rahayu Lestari (KWU 16), Aulia Yuninda Sasmita (AK 16), Bait Safira Noer A (EP )15), Chandra S. Mayasari (EP 16), Claudinia Cantika Ovilia (MN 15), Vio Nabila Ifani (EP 16), Zahro Lasarik (MN 15). Delegates team will have 2 official that will help them, they are Yussy Bhayapradesita (MN 15) dan Muhammad Juffrey Indira Sakti (EP 15).

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