Bulletin of Economics Student (BEST) Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa

Musyawarah Besar Anggota EGO (MBAE) 2016
27 December 2016
27 December 2016

BEM FEB Magazine previously named BEST (Bulletin of Economics Student) has responded not only by (Keluarga Mahasiswa) KM FEB internal but also by external in this company as well as the institutions concerned. BEST in this case as well as a form of accountability to stakeholders where BEST load on the work program contained in the BEM FEB UB, administrators, event, also includes about institutions in KM FEB. BEST important therefore to continue to be implemented for the smooth publication and dissemination of information BEM FEB.

BEST is a bulletin-shaped magazine. The purpose of publishing BEST as a means of disseminating information BEM FEB UB, fostering good relations and as a means of accountability to stakeholders, and media accountability and branding BEM FEB UB. BEST is published twice, in April and December. BEST published in April aims to introduce each department in the BEM FEB. While BEST issued in December aims to cover the work program of BEM FEB UB which has been accomplished.

BEST issued in December loading content coverage BEM FEB work program that has been implemented. The work program is covered, namely GPS (Good Personality Session), KM FEB Day 1, Day 2 KM FEB, ECSOTIC (Economics Politics), ISE (International Scholarship Expo), and many more. There is a photo documentation used as the content of the BEST, published in December.

Part coverage for work programs for the longest time-consuming because each work program carried out on different. Expectations for this future could be interesting in terms of its content and design.

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