Student Activities

Thursday July 21st, 2016

Latihan Rutin 1 Economics Basketball of Brawijaya University

One of the factors underlying a team or a basketball player to achieve a feat and good game of course can not be separated from the […]
Thursday July 21st, 2016

Delegates Sent for GMAD 2016 Universitas Gadjah Mada

The Main Competition of National Accounting Olympiad was held from May 25th-28th, 2016. Around 150 teams from universities all over Indonesia take the online preliminary test […]
Tuesday July 12th, 2016

Delegasi The Miracle of Hallyu Tulungagung Dance Cover Competition 2016

Art is one part of the human soul which can be expressed in various ways and received by the senses. In daily life, we can find […]
Tuesday July 12th, 2016

Serving Village Building Together

Social In Action (SIA) is a program of work that focuses on social activities and student service to the community as real evidence the student’s role […]
Tuesday June 14th, 2016

KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) 2016

KM FEB DAY 1 (16th) in 2016 which is the anniversary of KM FEB 16th year. This activity can also be used as a means silahturahmi […]
Friday June 3rd, 2016

Kompetisi Karya Tulis Mahasiswa Nasional (KATULISTIWA) 8: Kembangkan Desa, Perbaiki Bangsa

Lingkar Studi Mahasiswa Ekonomi dan Bisnis (LSME) are one of the autonomous institution in Faculty of Economic and Bussiness that splash around in writing a research, […]
Friday June 3rd, 2016


Economics is essentially a pure science generated from the results of human thought are studied from various sources, both the economic conditions of a period that […]
Tuesday May 31st, 2016

Development work program and human resource development Homeband

Development work program and human resource development is the work program of Homeband FEB UB in 2016. This work program is an annual work program in […]
Friday May 27th, 2016

FEUI THE CUP 4th 2016 "Dawn of the Golden Age" at the University of Indonesia (UI)

On April 17 until May 1, 2016 and then, organized FEUI THE CUP 4th 2016, with the theme “Dawn of the Golden Age” at the University […]