Student Activities

Wednesday September 28th, 2016

Prepare For Your Job Interview

As a means to develop students’ abilities active under graduate Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya in general and students at the end of […]
Wednesday September 28th, 2016

GEBYAR AKUNTANSI 2016 “World Market Travel”

Indonesia is a developing country which had hundreds of millions of people with different needs. Work then becomes a way out that is appropriate to meet […]
Wednesday September 28th, 2016

Handheld Love World Hereafter with Muslim brotherhood through Role of Muslim Youth Propagation Resistance Successor

“ As (We have perfected a delicious We thee) we have sent to you Messengers among you who read Our revelations to you and purify you […]
Wednesday September 28th, 2016

BRAWIJAYA ACCOUNTING FAIR 2016 The existence of Accountants in the Digital Era: Threats or Opportunity?

The industrial revolution in the digital era produce radical changes in business processes in the world. E-commerce as the beginning of digital business models has indicated […]
Wednesday September 21st, 2016

Training Organitation 2 BEM FEB UB : “Sosial Awareness”

Students of the great and students who each of the biggest, which means the highest, while students are people who studying. So when we combined college […]
Wednesday September 21st, 2016

Student Faculty of Economics and Business Day 2 (KM FEB DAY 2)

Student Faculty of Economics and Business Day 2 (KM FEB DAY 2) had been held over a few days ago at the Faculty of Economics and […]
Wednesday September 21st, 2016


Strengthening and soft skill formation in the field of entrepreneurship based on Islam is something that is important for a Muslim businessman, which manage a business […]
Wednesday September 21st, 2016

ISLAMIC CHILDREN FESTIVAL (ICF) “Million Dreams of Children Country to Indonesia Better”

Islamic Children Festival 2016 was held on Saturday, May 14th 2016 by Forstilling FEB opened by the speech from Mr. Radityo which is the staff of […]
Thursday September 8th, 2016


Easter is the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross to redeem sinful mankind. In order to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen […]