Student Activities

Wednesday August 19th, 2015

Latihan Rutin Economics and Business Dance Club

Latihan Rutin Economics and Business Dance Club is a routine program every year is always held by the Autonomous Institute of the Faculty of Economics and […]
Friday August 14th, 2015

SPIRITUAL PILGRIMAGE KMK of ST. BONFILIO 2015: “Sharing the Love of Mother Mary in Togetherness”

Pilgrimage is a compulsory activity for Catholics around the world. Pilgrimage is a series of prayers as well surrender to God. In the pilgrimage is also […]
Wednesday August 12th, 2015


Islamic economics which is rich with its instruments has become one of the important players in determining the face of the world economy, has agreat potential […]
Wednesday August 12th, 2015

Welcoming New Family KMK FEB UB SANTO BONFILIO 2015

New students with diverse habits would feel strange when entering the college world, so that the necessary adaptation and introduction of a more in depth about […]
Thursday August 6th, 2015

ECOLYMPICS 2015 HMJIE tema “DOWANTORY” (Endowment, Ant,Victory)

Along with the development of advanced technologies in the present and the future, UB education providers who uphold Tri Dharma College and Vision Mission Brawijaya University […]
Wednesday August 5th, 2015

KM FEB DAY 1 (15th) Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business

Exactly the day Sunday, June 7th, 2015, BEM FEB 2015 is proud to conducting KM FEB DAY 1 is a series commemorating First Instance Student solidarity. […]
Wednesday August 5th, 2015


Indonesia is a country unique in it there is a lot of diversity both in terms of tribes, cultures, religions, and languages. It is its own uniqueness that sets it apart with other countries. Not much of a country such as Indonesia in terms of diversity. But behind […]
Tuesday August 4th, 2015

IDE XIII (Intellectual Dialogue of Economics XIII) 2015

Indonesia is one of the countries that has many distinctive and unique characteristics. As one of the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia is an archipelago with a […]
Monday August 3rd, 2015

BRAWIJAYA ACCOUNTING FAIR 2015 (BAF’15) “Facing New Challenges and Opportunities of the Asian Pacific Integration”

The business world is one of the life and development of the science of accounting. Science will always develop and occurs in all areas. This requires […]