Student Activities

Monday July 6th, 2015

SPARKLING ECORA 2015 Economics and Business Dance Club

Sparkling ECORA is an annual work program Economics and Business Dance Club which is a facility for the dancer in East Java to demonstrate aptitude and […]
Monday July 6th, 2015

Economics and Business Dance Club Showcase Night 2015: “The Enlightenment of Creativity Art”

Art is a part of life of every human being, because basically every human being has the ability to explore the soft skills that exist within […]
Tuesday June 30th, 2015

Street Art Market of Accounting Creativepreneur

Indonesia is a developing country which had hundreds of millions of people with different needs. Work then becomes a way out that is appropriate to meet […]
Monday June 22nd, 2015

KTB Gathering "KTB MUST GO ON"

Malachi an organization as a receptacle guidance christian spirituality especially for students and university business economics faculty brawijaya .Since the beginning of pmkmalachi own standing in […]
Thursday June 11th, 2015

Semarak Ramadhan Kampus Islam (SERASI) " Toward Victory Heart and Fitri in Ramadan "

The month of Ramadan is not a month that is pure , but how do we as Muslims are cautious to make this month as the […]
Monday June 8th, 2015

Company Visit by students majoring in management (HMJM) FEB UB

Company Visit is a set of activities organized by students majoring in management (HMJM) FEB UB. Company Visit this year will held in Jakarta and Bandung. […]
Monday June 8th, 2015

Barang Bekas Berqualitas (BBQ) 2015 by Dance Club Economics and Business Faculty

BBQ is a social event held by students from the Economics and Business Dance Club, which is held in every month of Ramadan. The event was […]
Monday June 8th, 2015


Talk business, company visits, and catalogs February EC is a series of events packed into one event with an interesting concept. Business Talk is a show […]
Monday June 8th, 2015

Brawijaya Choir Festival 2015 – Profana Modern

The sound of in this case the human voice ( vox humanum ) is a gift given by God in the only one god from which […]