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Kegiatan Latihan Rutin 1 Economics Basketball of Brawijaya University
22 March 2017
Kesehatan Fiskal Daerah
30 March 2017


CIES Economist Club is a series of events organized by one of the Autonomous Institute at the Student Activity Unit of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya that Center of Islamic Economic Studies (CIES). Activities in the form of regular review is to discuss themes such as the theory, the problem, as well as contemporary issues related to Islamic economics. Department of Research and Development, which focuses on aspects of science in CIES through this event intends to provide the facility to add science to all members of CIES in particular and to all students at the Faculty of Economics and Business as well as for the general public who are interested in Islamic economy in general, related to Islamic Economics especially on the problems and perkembagannya until today.

To meet our target of achieving the objectives of the participants, then these activities are divided into two types. First, CARPET CEC (CIES Evening Routine Assessment Economist Club) is a form of assessment that routine activities are held weekly on Wednesdays at 15:30 hours until 17:30 pm located on the second floor of the building Student Activity Unit of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya. The material will be delivered in the CEC CARPET material is themed around nature of Islamic economics, jurisprudence muamalah, as well as the material of choice based peilihan participants. Presenters who will deliver these materials is the CIES members who have attended training for trainers, as well as alumni of CIES lecturers. Target participants in these events are all members of CIES, FEB, UB.

Second, the Special CEC which studies are held twice in the first period of stewardship that is on 26 May and 29 September 2017 at Surau Ar-Rahman Faculty, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. Special CEC, will invite speakers from the lecturers and practitioners who have been involved in the world of Islamic economics. The theme study will be discussed in the form of contemporary themes that correspond with the reality that is happening at the moment. In addition to the study, participants will also be given the time discussions on themes to be stretcher. In this special CEC study, the target audience not only from members but also the entire student CIES FEB, UB and the general public.


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