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19 April 2017
Dauroh Tarqiyah
19 April 2017

CGTS is an event to inform about Islamic Economics held by Department of Public Relation CIES Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University (FEB UB). This event is one of a tool to inform about islamic economics to society. It will be done by someone who studies at Islamic Economics in Brawijaya University and he is able at Public Speaking and his study, Islamic Economics. Moreover, in this event will be Forum Group Discussion among high school students so they will know well about nowdays problems of economics, especially islamic economics, and it will be benchmark as far as they can understand the point of islamic economics.

            It will be held for three times during this period in 2017. This event will be held at some junior high schools, such as MAN 1 Malang, SMAN 5 Malang, and SMKN 2 Malang. The first event will be held at MAN 1 Malang in April, 5th 2017. It will be started at 07.00 a.m until 11.30 a.m. CGTS will be held at classes of MAN 1 Malang. For the second event, CGTS will be held at SMAN 5 Malang in October, 19th 2017. And for the last one, it will be held at SMKN 2 Malang in November, 16th 2017. The targets of this event are all the 12th grade students of MAN 1 Malang, SMAN 5 Malang, and SMKN 2 Malang.

            CGTS is expected to be a tool to increase Islamic Economics in society,so that society escpesially muslims can apply Islam completely, including in their economy, and it can make islamic relationship among muslim people especially in Malang.

                                                            Nama   : Hakam Hafaris P.

                                                            NIM    : 165020501111066

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