Dauroh Tarqiyah

19 April 2017
19 April 2017, Comments 0


DaurahTarqiyah 1 runs from twice, before daurahtarqiyah first held in pre daurahTarqiyah to deliver material and assign tasks to the participants. Pre daurahTarqiyah held Sunday, March 19, 2017 in Building D room D2.2 space, this agenda held by the Environmental Forum of Islamic Studies Faculty of Business and Economics University Brawijaya. Its activities include the material presented two speakers, the first material of the Organization Committees submitted DetaFajri and the second material on Campus Propagation Institute submitted by Havidz Chairman of Islamic religiousness Activities Unit of University Brawijaya 2017.

After pre daurahTarqiyah implemented, the committee menggadakandaurahTarqiyah Saturday -Minggu on 1-2 April 2017, on 1 April 2017 should be implemented in Building D room D2.1 space containing the material. Once the material in the room is finished organizers and participants depart for daurahTarqiyah in CobanTalun to stay. Qiadah participants in CobantalunWaljundia and games to refresh relations this condition participants and attendees. After the event daurahTarqiyah in Cobantalun finished organizers and participants go home and rest.

       DaurahTarqiyah 2 is a continuation of daurahtarqiyah 1. daurahTarqiyah 2 held on 25-26 November 2017, on 25 November 2017 was delivered in daurahTarqiyah 2 includes QiyadahWalJundiyah, Manhaj Campus Propagation and Propagation Siyasah Campus. The material will be delivered by teachers, lecturers or alumni who are already qualified. On 26 November 2017 containing the material in the first day of implementation in the form of games, small group discussions (SGD), and interviews. The purpose of the DaurohTarqiyah 2 is to establish qiadah that have sufficient durability in carrying out propaganda in the faculty.