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6 March 2017
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10 March 2017

Information is a needs for all human being. Without information, we will be lack of insight and knowledge that we need on a daily basis. It is also undeniable that information is a key to change things that have to be cleared in this life.

            The press is one of the parties that have an important role on dissemination of information.Herewith, student press is become an alternative media that delivers the information to community. This is in line with the role and function of the student, as agent of change and agent of control that is charged to have a role in devotion to make things better.

Indikator as a Student Press Agencies wants to comtribute in deliver information, especially for the academicians in the Faculty of Economic and Business of Brawijaya University (FEB UB). Through its magazine, Indikator keeps continue to meet the information needs and imsight of its reader by giving news with good quality and objective report.

By this year, we have finished the special edition magazine with the theme “Di Balik Kedigdayaan Industri Semen” with purpose to provide a thorough knowledge to our readers about cement industry cases in Indonesia.  The major theme is divided into three sub-chapters; economic, social and human rights, and environment. The problems behind the cement industry was pared trough all three perspectives.

Not only articles about the cases behind the cement industry, we are also presenting Indikator’s typical rubrics. Finally, the 49 edition of Indikator magazine is dedicated to the academic community of FEB UB. It is our hope that all readers can enjoy this magazine directly.

Contact person:

Monica Nugraha (081944885096) / 145020201111028

Alfian Nurdiansyah (082243331457) / 145020207121011

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