UB FEB Students Learn Sign Language with Akar Tuli Malang Community

Sinkronisasi Langkah Pembangunan
4 October 2018
FEB UB’s Thanksgiving to Commemorate the 57th Anniversary of FEB UB
5 October 2018

Malang – On Wednesday (3/9/2018) the International Sign Language Commemoration event was held by the UB Faculty of Economics and Business BEM at Basement E Building FEB UB to commemorate International Sign Language Day which is celebrated every September 22-23. The event in the form of a Talkshow aims to create a sense of sensitivity, especially towards deaf friends, considering that Universitas Brawijaya is one of the Inclusion Campus in Indonesia. This event also brought together the Akar Tuli Community of Malang, which is a community for deaf friends in the city of Malang who fight for sign language to be accepted in the community.

Exactly at 1:00 p.m., the International Sign Language Commemoration event was opened with a speech from the Head of the Community Social Division of the BEM FEB UB, Azmi Muhammad Sidqi (2016 Economics), who said that through this event we could find out more about sign language and know more about deaf itself. Because we are active in the general environment and in the end as students we must be able to communicate well to students in general so that all are the same and can exchange ideas. In addition, it is expected that through this event FEB UB students can take knowledge and be motivated to continue the spirit of learning and processing in lectures, because the spirit of deaf friends to study is very high.

The event was followed by a speech by the Chairperson of the International Sign Language Warning, Fajar Hafidh Arasy (Accounting 2017), who expressed his hope that through this event, especially for friends of UB’s FEB KM, it could increase a sense of sensitivity and sympathy for others and expected friends to hear and deaf friends can communicate more easily and there are no gaps.

Entering the core of the event, the talkshow was filled by members of Akar Tuli Malang Community who are also students from the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya, namely Rieka Aprilia Hermansyah (Management 2014) and Nur Syamsan Fajrina (Accounting 2013). Speakers discuss “Deaf Awareness”, where not a few deaf friends receive discrimination in the education environment because of the different ways of communicating, even though the right to education is the right of everyone. The talkshow also explained that deaf friends preferred to be deaf than deaf. This is because, deafness is a medical diagnosis which means damage or abnormality, while deaf means cultural differences in communication.

All FEB UB students who attended the International Sign Language Warning event seemed very enthusiastic. There is a lot of knowledge and learning that can be taken, especially awareness about deaf that not many people realize, about perceived discrimination, expected care and equality, and enthusiasm in fighting differences to achieve education. Through this event, it is hoped that it can be a bridge of communication between friends heard with deaf friends especially in the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya through Sign Language lessons held at the end of the event by Akar Tuli Malang Community. The program at noon was closed with the handover of the youngsters from BEM FEB UB to the Akar Tuli Malang Community Committee and a photo session with FEB UB students with the Akar Tuli Malang Community.

Bunga Nadira
Bunga Nadira
Belajar di Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Universitas Brawijaya.

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