OutWard Bond Journey in 2016

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27 December 2016
Malachi PMK Christmast Celebration 2016
27 December 2016


Out Ward Bond (OWB) is the last activity Indikator apprenticeship held at the end of the period of stewardship. This year OWB took place in Ledok Amprong, where this location has the potential such as tourism and agriculture. Seeing a strategic location to train apprentice to make coverage Indikator 2016, finally agreed to pick Ledok Amprong.

The first day we make preparations in Indikator. Around 10:00 a.m, we depart to Ledok Amprong using motorcycles respectively. On location, we put up a tent that had been taken from the Indikator, then continued division of the group apprenticeship and delivery of content Feature Writing. Internships are already getting direct material are welcome to discuss with supervisor (SPV) about excavations writing ideas. After digging the idea, internships directly create Term of References and consult with the SPV. This activity is carried out until 09:00 p.m and immediately break.

The second day continued reporting by the apprentice to the Operation Target agreed premises SPV. Reporting takes about 4 hours and immediately resumed writing. After writing, internships along with SPV to editing and writing evaluation in order to improve his writing at a later time. Around 08:00 p.m, the campfire activities carried out to increase the adhesiveness between the intern and member Indikator. Then go to a session break in each tent.

The third day we all carry the game groups and individuals to improve teamwork and sensitivity internship. After the completion of the game, the interns and members are welcome rest and get cleaned up in preparation for return. Some were cleared tents and preparing breakfast. At 11.00 a.m all headed Faculty of Economics and Business and was allowed to return to their homes.

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