Cooperations in Faculty of Economics and Business University of  Brawijaya

  1. Domestic
    1. Cooperation with other Universities
      1. Universitas Cendrawasih
      2. Universitas Haluoleo
      3. Universitas Mulawarman
      4. Universitas Riau
      5. Universitas Udayana
  2. Foreign
    (Student Exchange, Mutual Visits Of Scholars/Researchers, Joint Courses, Double Degree, Joint Organizing International Conferences, etc.)

    1. University of Southern Queensland (USQ) (double degree, exchange)
    2. Murray State University, USA  (exchange)
    3. University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia (double degree, exchange)
    4. Burapha University, Thailand (double degree, exchange)
    5. National Chiayi University, Taiwan (double degree)
    6. Management and Science University, Malaysia
    7. University of Kassel, Germany
    8. University of Twente, Netherland
    9. Institut of Business, Timor Leste
    10. University of Canberra,  Australia
    11. La Trobe University,  Australia
    12. University of Wolongong,  Australia
    13. University of Kentucky, USA
    14. Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
    15. University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
    16. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)