Semarak Ramadhan Kampus Islam (SERASI) " Toward Victory Heart and Fitri in Ramadan "

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10 June 2015
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11 June 2015

The month of Ramadan is not a month that is pure , but how do we as Muslims are cautious to make this month as the benchmark . Later , we will enter the month of Shawwal as the first month after the month of Ramadan had passed . In the month of Shawwal we are invited to remain istiqomah with what we do in Ramadan .The month of Ramadan which people refer to as the blessed month is the month to increase theworship of Allah . How can we use the time as possible to fill the time in the month of Ramadan with the activities – activities that are positive and full of merit.

Therefore , to facilitate students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in particular , and society FEB in general Forum Studi Islam dan Lingkungan (FORSTILLING) wants to hold a series of events or activities in Ramadan . The series of events is called “SERASI” yaitu semarak ramadhan kampus islami. Semarak ramadhan kampus islami (SERASI) 2015 M / 1436 H is a vehicle to meet the Month of Ramadan in order to harmonize all the people especially the economic khafilah , to obtain purity of heart and returned to the religious laws of God . With the rise of a new dawn , that we may be guided to continue on the path that is filled with His ridho- , and His blessing always illuminate our path

Purpose and Objectives

  1. As a vehicle for all citizens of the Faculty of Economics and Business, to achieve maximum reward
  2. As a means to actualize identity as a Muslim
  3. Strengthen solidarity between Muslims ukhuwah
  4. Spreading the love and blessing to fellow Muslims in the Faculty of Economics and Business
  5. The rides lead science Islamic DINULPurpose and Objectives

Form of Actities

  1. Study / Lecture
  2. Sebar Ifthor (give food for break the fast)

3. break the fast with children from house Betek

Implementation of Activities

SERASI activity was conducted over two days with the details as follows :Time :

– July 25, 2015

– July 26, 2015Place:

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