Study Excursie 2017

Orientasi Pendidikan Program Pascasarjana FEB UB
22 August 2017
Alasan Mahasiswa Baru FEB UB Wajib Ikuti Rangkaian PKKMU RAJA BRAWIJAYA 2017
24 August 2017

Study Excursie 2017 is a work program of Student Association of Accounting Department of Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University (HMJA FEB-UB). This work program is a visit to companies and institutions relevant to the science of accounting. This activity is an annual program of HMJA FEB-UB which is conducted to facilitate students in understanding the application of accounting knowledge learned in campus and the world of work.

Study Excursie 2017 itself has three main objectives of increasing the knowledge of students about the implementation of accounting science in companies in general, especially companies engaged in accounting and finance such as public accounting Firms, knowing the prospects of work in agencies and companies visited, and the latter purpose is to Compares between the science learned on campus with applied science outside the campus.

Participants from Study Excursie 2017 consists of Active Students Accounting Department Faculty of Economics and Business of Brawijaya University who have taken 2nd semester and above. Study Excursie 2017 will be held on September 4, 2017 until September 8, 2017. On this occasion, Study Excursie 2017 will make a visit to Public Accounting Firms in Jakarta and some other companies related to the world of work in the field of Accounting. Besides, in Study Excursie 2017 will also held a visit to Special Region of Yogyakarta precisely in Candi Ratu Boko and Bakpia Djawa as refreshing activity for participants of Study Excursie 2017.

Study Excursie 2017 activity will commence on September 4, 2017 with a first trip to Jakarta. Then on the second day until the fourth day (5-7 September 2017) will be held a visit to several Public Accounting Firms and Companies in Jakarta. Next will be a journey to Yogyakarta which is expected to take about 10 hours. Upon arrival in Yogyakarta, Participant of Study Excursie 2017 will perform refreshing activities at Candi Ratu Boko and Bakpia Djawa and on the last day of Study Excursie 2017 group will travel back to Malang.

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