2nd NEFORIA (National Economic Fair for Our Ideas)

FEB UB compete on Atma Jaya Jogjakarta Supreme Accounting Competition
25 April 2017
Accountability Report of Legislator Training
27 April 2017

       The second activity of NEFORIA is a series of events organized by the Association of Students of Economics Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Hasanuddin. For this event we begin by studying literature from various sources about the discrepancy. After our discussion we have agreed to use the charity as a solution to overcome the discrepancy in Indonesia. We are very grateful that our ideas have been accepted and qualify for presentation to the judges in Makassar. This event started with the holding of Economic Olympiad for high school students in South Sulawesi on March 2, 2017. In the evening there are tecnical meeting held by the committee to explain more in detail the technical matters in a competition held the following day. At night it was also the last time to collect the presentation materials and also distributed the sequence number to present the results of our work.
On March 3 2017 , begins the competition of this presentation. Participants who are not doing the presentations are being moved to occupy different rooms. The reason behind that is to avoid the others participant to answer asked the jury easily. Thank God when our team do the  presentation, all went smoothly and all the questions the jury had previously anticipated. However, due to the lack of committee in preparing the event there are several slides were missed and the lack of atmosphere due to the nature of our material audio having some minor  technical problems.

       The next activity was a National Seminar on 4 March 2017. This National Seminar discusses Indonesia’s economy to meet the global competitiveness. The seminar was filled by Dr. Syarkawi Rauf, S.E., M.E who served as Chairman of the Competition Commission of the Republic of Indonesia. The next session is filled by Ir. Thomas Raya Tandisau who served as Functional Water Engineering Central River Region Pompengan Jeneberang Ministry PUPR.

       In the evening, a Gala Dinner was held in the home of the Mayor of Makassar. This activity is also the night where the award were given to the winner . The victory was obtained  by the University Hassanudin as the third place, University of Technology Surabaya as the runner up , and 1st place were obtained by the Islamic University of Indonesia. After the announcement of the winner event continued with a meal together accompanied by entertainment and photo with the delegation. Before returning the delegates were given the opportunity to enjoy a weekend night at Losari.

        We got a lot of valuable experience through this activity. But the main thing is how we as a students to have more contributions in dealing with the problem in accordance with dharma dasa of college.

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