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12 March 2012
Dr. Mohd. Azizudin Sani (Universitas Utara Malaysia)
16 March 2012

ABEST 21 AccreditedInternationalization FEB UB
Along with international accreditation achieved by the FEB of ABEST21 on March 2, 2012, then through this medium, please allow us gradually and the continuous sharing of information and experiences about the program FEB comprehensive internationalization, one of which through international accreditation. Our hope is to inform widely through the media, our experience can be used as benchmarks for the various parties who are pioneering the same thing, and also as part of our responsibility in managing the FEB to stakeholders.

International Accreditation FEB UB (1)
After going through a long process for about three (3) years, on March 2, 2012, FEB obtaining international accreditation from ABEST21 (The Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st Century Organisation) – International Accreditation Agency based in Tokyo, Japan. Together FEB also submitted a certificate of accreditation for the Waseda Business School, Japan, and GMBA SP Jain Center of Management, Singapore. To our knowledge, FEB signed up as the first in Indonesia to obtain this international accreditation.

The awarding of accreditation certificates were presented by Prof. Fumio Itoh (President ABEST21 / Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan), accompanied by Prof. Ilker Baybars (Vice President ABEST21 / Carnegie Melon University, USA), and Prof. Oleg Vikhanskiy (Vice President ABEST21 / Moscow State University) to the UB delegation comprising Prof. Bambang Suharto (Rector first UB), Cluster irianto, SE. MSA. PhD. (Dean of FEB UB), Ali Djamhuri, SE. MCom. PhD. (PPP Accounting S2); and Prof. Eko Ganis Sukoharsono (International Accreditation Team Leader FEB UB) and held at the Headquarters of Nissan Motor Company, in Yokohama, Japan. ABEST21 tradition carried on each granting ceremony which is always done at the same time ABEST21 partner companies to provide signals urgency synergy between education and industry.

International accreditation demonstrates international recognition of the best practices of quality assurance and the various aspects of academic and academic support implemented by the FEB. This achievement is in part a form of responsibility at the same time we manage to stakeholders FEB institution.

Allow at this happy occasion, we invite all stakeholders FEB to offer our praise and gratitude to Allah SWT mercy on overflow, so we can go through a long and tiring process carefully and achieve the expected results.

On behalf of FEB UB and personal, we deliver to appreciation and deepest gratitude to the Rector, the Vice Rector, and all the senior leaders of the institution / center / bureau / section etc. and Colleague Dean and Head of Faculty / Program at UB for the support given to the FEB in the process of reaching an international accreditation.

Gratitude and appreciation also go to the International Accreditation cross-department team that consists primarily of Prof. Eko Ganis Sukoharsono (Chairman), Devanto S Pratt, PhD (Member) and Dr. Andarwati (Member) and supported by all the senior leaders of the element Dean, Chairman / Secretary of the Department, the PPP S2 and S3, All Faculty, Administrative Staff whole, the students, the alumni, and other stakeholders FEB.

This achievement is the result of hard work and intelligent of, by and for all of us and provide a challenge for us all to move better in managing the institution undertaking the FEB.

Dated March 2, 2012 we will be a new milestone for the recalled FEB, parallel to the historic days of FEB UB, such as the date of the institutional transformation of the FE to the FEB on January 14, 2011. May Allah, the Almighty God, always guide, protect and meridhloi our steps, amen (gi)

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