Accountability and Re-Organization Report KMK

Perayaan Natal Keluarga Mahasiswa Katolik
19 December 2017
Evaluation of KM FEB 2107
19 December 2017

Activities of Accountability and Re-Organization Report The Catholic Student Affairs Student of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (KMK FEB UB) this year took the theme of “Accompanying KMK FEB-UB Steps to a Better Direction”.

Activity Accountability and Re-Organization Report Management KMK FEB UB 2017 held on December 16, 2017 at the Commission of Youth, Malang. The pre-condition (opening) event begins at 09.00 WIB, KMK board of office in 2017 prepares accountability report while waiting for alumni and KMK members to come. After the participants arrived, the event continued with an opening prayer delivered by Claristy, as the Faculty Coordinator in 2017.

At 10:00 am, KMK FEB UB’s board of tenure of 2017, submits accountability and evaluation reports of each proker that has been implemented during 2017. The accountability report submitted starts from Field 1 (Spirituality), Field 2 (Development of Mind and Interests Talent), Field 3 (Public Relations and Household), Treasurer, Assistant Faculty Coordinator, and Faculty Coordinator). Members of KMK FEB UB who are present have the right to accept, or accept on condition, or reject the accountability report of KMK FEB UB 2017.

After the submission of accountability and evaluation report from the Board of Directors, the event continued with the determination of prospective Coordinator of Faculty and Deliberation. Every participant of the forum which is an active Catholic student of FEB-UB has the right to propose itself and be submitted by other forum participants as prospective new Faculty Coordinator. The prospective Coordinator of the Faculty will then be asked about his ability to become a Faculty Coordinator candidate.

The Faculty Coordinator candidate will leave the forum, and be given time to develop the vision and mission, and the work program to be run. Then convey it to all the members present.

KMK members present will decide who will be elected as new Faculty Coordinator through joint deliberation.

After the new Faculty Coordinator has been elected, KMK FEB UB 2017 will hand over the position to the new Faculty Coordinator.

With the end of activity of Accountability and Reorganization Report of KMK FEB UB Management is expected KMK FEB UB Board of Management Board of 2017 can be responsible for all activities that have been implemented, beside that it is expected KMK FEB UB members can deliberate and choose new Faculty Coordinator for next stewardship period.


Claristy            (082148441558)

Nona               (081338131181)

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