Accounting Delegates FEB UB Achieved 3rd Winner in Paper Writing Competition Accounting Society in Versatility (ACTIVE) 2017

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16 November 2017
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17 November 2017

The Paper Writing Competition Accounting Society in Versatility (ACTIVE) 2017 is an annual competition organized by the Student Association of Accounting Department of Sebelas Maret University (HMJA UNS). ACTIVE 2017 has the theme “Optimizing the Role of Sustainability Reporting in Economic Development Efforts”. This competition is able to encourage D3 or Undergraduate students from all over Indonesia as educated people to be critical and care for the future of the future generation of Indonesia.

This year, the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) sent 1 team to contest the Paper Writing Competition Accounting Society in Versatility (ACTIVE) 2017. The team from FEB UB is chaired by Afwa Aranza Windu Handika (Accounting 2015) and Asa Jasmine Harimurti (Accounting 2014). The title adopted by this team is “Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Standards Specifically Based on Pancasila as a Solution of Corporate Social Responsibility Adherence in Indonesia”, this idea arises because of the many social and environmental problems occurring in Indonesia and to support the International World agreement to achieve 17 goals Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) based on the values ​​of Pancasila which is the life view of the Indonesian nation.

The innovative idea is able to lead this team to the final round through two stages of competition that is abstract selection, and full paper selection. From the stage of abstract and full paper selection, 10 teams were selected to present the ideas that have been poured on their respective titles in the final round. The final round is held at Hotel Lor In Solo on November 5, 2017. Presentation points in this round will be accumulated with Paper points to determine the winner who gets reward in form of coaching money, trophy, and also certificate. The winner in this competition was announced at night in Indonesian Cultural Gathering Night (ICGN) event held at Gedung Wayang Orang, Sriwedari. The name of Universitas Brawijaya was summoned as the 3rd winner at the peak of the ICGN event.

Although not yet able to become the 1st champion in this competition, they believe that many valuable experience gained during the competition. With this achievement is expected to be an inspiration for other Brawijaya University students to be able to improve the achievements that have been printed previously. Afwa Aranza Windu Handika one of the team members advised the students of Universitas Brawijaya not to give up easily in joining the competition. “Do not be afraid to fail, because in every victory is achieved there are ladders of failure in it,” said student who familiarly called Afwa this.

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