Accounting Writing Competition 9th Hasanuddin Accounting Days

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23 March 2016
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24 March 2016

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“Dana desa” is a prove of effort that proposed by government in order to achieve villagians economical walfare. The liquefication of this  funds incoming a question, how to manage the funds in good and transparance way so the goals can be achieved. The current accounting system applied is quite simple regard to the lack of labour ability and quality. Thus, Accounting Writing Competition 9th Hasanuddin Accounting Days held to afford any ideas and solution from collage students around Indonesia to solve this problem.

“Penataan Dana Desa Menuju Transparasi dan Akuntabilitas dari Alokasi yang Adil Merata”

This event aimed to synergize minds from every element that related each other, such as the regulator to village executive in order to create good governance of Dana Desa which transparant and responsible

The event begins with the Accounting Writing Competition followed by the 10 finalists who qualify in the selection of paper. The next day held a national seminar that discussed the Dana Desa and its management. In the seminar was attended by the Minister for Rural, Rural Development and Transmigration Republic of Indonesia. The next day fieldtrip to Rappoa Village, District Bantaeng, one of the villages that became a figure good management and transparency of Dana Desa.

Time and Place 11-15 February 2016 in Universitas Hasanuddin, Makasar
Name/Contact Person 081355534194 (a.n. Imad)
Committee Ikatan Mahasiswa Akuntansi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Hasanuddin
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