Art and Sport Appreciation organized by the Economic and Business Faculty (ARTEFAC) at the State University Solo (UNS)

Islamic Children’s Character Building (ICCB)
18 April 2016
Materi Kuliah Tamu dari PT. Central Capital Futures Cabang Malang
19 April 2016

In the last 4 to 11 March, 2016, Art and Sport Appreciation organized by the Economic and Business Faculty (ARTEFAC) at the State University Solo (UNS) .To attend this prestigious event, EBBRAU strictly perform the selection as the first step in combining the teams that will represent FEB UB. After 12 players and 3 elected official to do exercises with a high level of discipline to prepare for the race. “Preparation is ripe is needed to be able to reach the desired destination.” Said Fadil, who served as Chairman of EBBRAU 2016.

               State University of March menjadilawan EBBRAU in the first game. Even losing the first game, but the spirit EBBRAU not reduced even if only slightly. EBBRAU avenged his defeat in the first game by beating UNSULA in the next game. After defeating UNSULA, EBBRAU dealing with the University Widyatama in the game to – 3. The fruits of the previous exercise conducted by EBBRAU, we only reached the stage of 8 major basketball event between ARTEFAC UNS Faculty of National Economy, 2016.

               EBBRAU reap disappointment. Men’s Basketball Team EBBRAU preparation can be said still needs improvement, because the team that set out to delegates ARTEFC CUP 2016 is a newly formed team that compactness and strength of the team is less reach maximum levels. Got a big defeat in the last eight is not diluting the spirit EBBRAU. Because defeat is delayed victory.

               From here we learn to better maintain compactness inside and outside the field. Where the pattern given strategy the coach is not just memorized yet been developed so as to produce improviasi jug that makes the game run more effectively. Then EBBRAU also did not stop improving the achievements that have been there. Not to forget EBBRAU also more intensive training for the order to build capacity in the next tournaments.

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