Art Study Excursion (ASE) 2015 by Economics Dance Club (EDC) FEB UB

4 December 2015
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4 December 2015

On Sunday, November 01, 2015 carried out activities Art Study Excursion (ASE) which is housed in the Sekolah Tinggi Kesenian Wilwatika (STKW) Surabaya. Art Study Excursion (ASE) is an activity to obtain and share knowledge in the field of dance art held by Economics Dance Club (EDC) FEB. Art Study Excursion this year visited Sekolah Tinggi Kesenian Wilwatika (STKW) Surabaya. This activity themed “Youths Learn and Work” and the form of this activity is the training of leadership, sharing the knowledge of dance and create cooperation among members and hone soft skills related art with sources directly from the dean and Sekolah Tinggi Kesenian Wilwatika (STKW).

This event was attended by all members of the Economics Dance Club (EDC). Trip to Surabaya began in 06.00 a.m with the use of buses and all participants get snacks once breakfast has been provided by the committee. The event began at 10.00 a.m and was opened by the presenter then followed by the speaker that has been prepared by the STKW. Speakers delivered at the same time sharing about what the dance in space and time. In the second session continued with the sharing of the many types of dance that exist in Indonesia and we are taught how to dance techniques right. At each sharing Q & A session will be held between participants and speakers. In this event, the STKW greeted us with a contemporary dance presented it very intriguing.

Art activities Study Excursion 2015 this time is closed with giving gifts of Economics Dance Club chairman to the chairman of the Student Executive Board STKW with accompaniment by Band Kroncong of STKW and photo anatara speakers, organizers and participants.

Evaluation meeting after the show around 20.00 p.m

  1. ASE 2015 is now running better than last year. Due to the enthusiasm of members of EDC a lot more than last year.
  2. The event is also running smoothly and ontime. All participants benefit from this event.

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