15 December 2015
BEAT ATTACK Economics and Business Dance Club (EDC)
17 December 2015

Unfortunate, as the highest legislative institution faculty level Student Representative Council (DPM FEB UB) has a function

aspirational. In this case the DPM FEB always provide a variety of spaces for the whole community of the Faculty of Economics and Business to express their aspirations related to a variety of things to give criticism, suggestions and solutions in building FEB better.

In undertaking any activity aspirations, DPM FEB UB in cooperation with the dean FEB so that in the process of student aspirations can be more effective. With the role and position of DPM FEB closer to the dean of students and assisted as a facilitator of student activities and implementation process of student aspirations would be easily accessible by any academic community.

And one of the activities DPM FEB in facilitating student aspirations by holding activities Aspiration Corner. Aspiration Corner activities include the provision of aspiration box and Aspiration Center. Provision aspiration box or also called Aspiration Box is intended that each student can express their aspirations in writing at any time. Aspiration facilities Box can be easily reached by all students in every lecture building including Building E, Building D, and the Main Building. Previous procurement aspiration box always encounter various obstacles until early in 2015 a period of stewardship initiatives in order to move quickly DPM FEB to realize procurement aspiration box to provide space closer to the students.

Additionally DPM FEB also open space in order to meet directly with all functionaries DPM FEB to convey their aspirations by opening a stand Aspiration Center in the basement FEB UB and open on every Monday at 12:00 to 15:00 and Wednesday at 10:00 to 13:00. In accordance with the name of the activity in this case DPM FEB open space for students FEB order to meet directly with functionaries DPM FEB, both in conveying aspirations as well as inquire about information – information both on academic, ministry of teaching, educational facilities, as well as about student activities.

In addition to the above activities DPM FEB still have a variety of other containers in an attempt to capture the aspirations of students of the faculty of economics and business, including: Aspiration Day, and Social Media in the Official Line, Instagram, Twitter and Website. Every effort is made DPM FEB UB’s being one representative steps in order to realize FEB better.

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