Brawijaya Showcase Night 2016: “Heritage of World’s Culture”

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19 October 2016
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19 October 2016

In order to preserve, develop and express the nation’s culture, as well as to revive the concept of the new creation dance and the important thing is to test the creativity of EDC Brawijaya’s members. As a form of participation for the sake of preserving the culture in the form of new creations Economics and Business Dance Club University of Brawijaya’s annual performances “EDC Brawijaya Showcase Night 2016“. Which can be used as a place to accommodate all the innovation in the form of movement, but still within the limit values of civilization that can be displayed to the general public.

Event themes

Heritage of the World’s Culture in the Spectacular Night Carnival


Purpose and objectives

The general objective to be achieved through EDC Showcase Night is to develop awareness of students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in preserving and applying the art and culture of Indonesia. Besides, the other objectives is to improve and explore the creativity and imagination of students of the Faculty of Economics and Business joined in Economics and Business Dance Club.


Day / Date       : Thursday, November 10, 2016

Time                : 19:00-finished

Place                : Samantha Krida Building

Contact Person

Fia Izzata (082122737129)

Marizya Rukhma (08819335968)

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