Mahasiswa FEB Berkolaborasi dengan FT dan FILKOM Wakili UB dalam Ajang ASEAN Startup Accelerator di Singapura
6 August 2017
Pelaksanaan Wisuda Periode I, T.A 2017/2018
11 August 2017

Along with the development of sophisticated technology in the present and the future, the educational providers in Brawijaya University of Malang uphold Tri Dharma Higher Education and Mission Vision of Brawijaya University Malang to produce qualified human resources, devoted to God Almighty, able to membelajarkan Self, have wide insight, have discipline and work ethic, and can develop science, technology, and art to encourage the development of culture so as to become a professional academic professional who is strong and able to compete in international level.

In everyday life we ​​are not only required to have academic intelligence, but also in the field of non-academic. Indeed, every individual always has the expertise or talent that is in him. As a manifestation of our participation in maintaining solidarity, harmony, intellectuality and creativity of the Indonesian people. Therefore, this BROADWAY 2017 activity will be held. This series of events consists of three areas of the race of sports, business plan, and photography.

The density of endless student and student life demands stamina and endurance that is balanced, strong, and high mentality. With the holding of this event may help remove the fatigue and saturation experienced by students and students so as to create integrity and balance between academic activities with non-academic activities. In addition, good physical quality will make students more prepared to deal with various pressures both inside and outside the classroom.

In the midst of intense competition in the business world, students must be able to develop innovation and creativity. In this case, BROADWAY 2017 provides a place for students to develop innovation and creativity in the business field. The hope of the business plan competition held in BROADWAY 2017 event series can produce the output of young entrepreneurs who are not inferior to the already successful entrepreneurs in their field.

Not only stop the effort to develop good quality softskill through sports competition and bussiness plan competition, BROADWAY 2017 also provides a place for art lovers especially photography art. Through this competition the students are able to channel their interest and talent in the field of art.

Therefore, the Student Association of Economics Department held BROADWAY 2017 event with a big theme “Purwa Sahwahita” which means a useful beginning for all of us. The hope, the presence of BROADWAY 2017 can be a first step introduction to the Department of Economics and can provide benefits for both external parties and internal parties.

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