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Nowadays, a lot of villages and areas that perform a variety of rapid development. But unfortunately this did not last pemabangunan evenly, there’s also the rural development less than the maximum in terms of the environment that primarily include economic development, infrastructure, social, and education and human resources. The nature of rural development aims to improve the conditions and standard of living. Besides, expectations of development and the results can be enjoyed by society as a whole and the high economic growth and the achievement of security and stability that is healthy and dynamic region.

One of the villages that need more development is Sumber Sari. Sumber Sari village situated at the foot of Mount Arjuna which is about 25 km from the center of the city of Malang. Geographical conditions of the mountains and the access road difficult to cause development in the village is quite inhibited. Sumber Sari village actually has good potential if they can be treated appropriately and correctly. In terms of the plantation, the village has a wide area but unfortunately the beneficiaries are less effective, so the crop was not optimal.

See conditions like this, we as a student who has a role as an agent of change and an agent of social control was moved to implement our role through Social activities in Action, where we can contribute directly to the public. This activity is expected to increase future social sensitivity of the students in particular and society in general there.


“Building a better village for Indonesia”


  1. Implement the third value of Tri Dharma College, namely community service.
  2. Provide public assistance and social services to the public in accordance with the mission of student “Agent of Change” and “Social Control” to the public sector.
  3. Develop students’ social awareness and sensitivity to the community.
  4. Participate equity stake in regional development.
  5. To make the backward village to village self-sufficient

Time Event

This event will be held on:

Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Date: 20-22 November 2015

Place: Village of Sari, District Karangploso, Malang


MUTE : 085725666864

RAKA : 082231167992

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