Intellectual Dialogue Of Economics XIII (IDE XIII) 2015
10 December 2015
Islamic Children’s Character Building (ICCB)
10 December 2015

Science evolves continuously. A number of changes will always occur, especially in the realm of social science, such as accounting. Students as academia are required to be mengaktualisi themselves. A must for students to constantly upgrade the knowledge in the scientific field they pursue.

Accounting Student Association (HMJA) as facilitator Accounting student, wants to contribute in providing information and insight for the students of Accounting FEB UB in particular in the field of accounting. In accordance with the work program of the Department of Research and Development (R & D), we intend to publish the Annual Accounting Bulletin which can be the media in providing information and insight, it is in relation to the themes that will be adopted.

Accounting Bulletin tells about the activities organized by the Student Association of Accounting Department. Then all the data collection process was conducted from the beginning of the period stewardship HMJA 2015, the beginning of February 2015 and ready Accounting Bulletin published in December 2015. This bulletin contains a summary of the work program HMJA, the issue of the accounting department, and opinions of students and lecturers of Accounting in response to the development of accounting issues for 2015.


Dated 1 February to 21 November 2015

Collecting Materials and Materials

22-25 November 2015

  • editorial process, until ready design layout
  • The design process layout until ready to print

Dated 25 November to 2 December 2015

  • Printing Bulletin until ready to distribute

Date 2-8 December 2015

  • Process Bulletin distribution to students


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