1 October 2015
(Indonesia) JA FEB UB Gelar Sosialisasi Penerapan Sitem Akuntansi Keuangan Daerah Berbasis Akrual
3 October 2015

Maleakhi is an organization as a place of spiritual guidance, especially for Christian students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in Brawijaya University. Christian Student Fellowship of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya was founded in 1979 with a vision to make Christian students FEB-UB as ambassadors of Christ that states the truth and bring the love of God on the environment wherever they are placed.

The role of students improvement is needed in Indonesia today. As the next generation has become mandatory for every student to begin to have a leadership that gives a positive impact on the environment and also bring changes for the nation. However, based on the existing reality, unfortunately, students are expected to bring changes, but worsen the state of this nation. Moral students increasingly degenerate. Every day, there are news about the fighting between students and anarchist demo to damaging public facilities and endanger the public.

For being a student who really has leadership and can bring changes is not easy. Many of the challenges that must be faced. For example, to the lead themselves in the set time is still yet to be done.

Any challenge or bad reality faced by students of pre alumni. Many students pre alumni of not knowing how to be a leader with a positive impact on the environment, what exactly is the purpose of their lives and how they apply the knowledge gained in later working life. From this dilemma, many students pre alumni often pessimistic and do not dare to go to face the global challenges.

One of the efforts made by PMK Malaeakhi Faculty of Economics and Business of Brawijaya University to improve leadership is through embed principles of Christianity in secular life. The principles are based on the Bible that will enable the students to be able to have a leadership that gives a good influence on the environment, preventing the ‘decay’ that was, and continues in the community. And is also able to face any challenge in the future.

Through Malaekahi camp program 2015, Christian students of the Faculty of Economics and Business of University of Brawijaya is expected to understand the fundamentals of the economy Christian right and able to enhance the leadership skills and be able to practice it in real life. And finally Christian students were able to achieve a degree of vision Malachi and economic leadership potential and bring changes to Indonesia’s economy for the better again.

Theme Event

“Call of Duty”

Purpose and Objectives

Forming a Christian student to graduate FEB economy has the ability and willingness to carry out God’s mission and meet some of the following:

  1. Understand what is meant by God’s mission
  2. Understand the role and function of the Student & Alumni Christians in God’s mission
  3. Understanding the shape of each individual’s involvement in the mission of God
  4. Promoting Christian students FEB working on his role in God’s mission.

Implementation of Activities

Camp Maleakhi 2015

Held: Friday, October 30 – November 1 2015

Time: 15.00 – finished

Place: Roemah Yatim Warga Indonesia (YWI), Batu

Theme: “Call of Duty”

Participant registration

Registration held 18-23 October 2015

  1. PMK Maleakhi FEB UB
  2. FB, Twitter, Email

Contact Person

  1. David Pande (0822328383829)
  2. Loise Aurora R. G (087861506965)
  3. Verawinda Mariana (089624043785)
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