Tuesday April 7th, 2015


Dewasa ini tidak dapat dipungkiri bahwa setiap manusia dituntut untuk dapat menciptakan sesuatu yang baru dan terus berinovasi dalam segala bidang kegiatan yang digelutinya. Tanpa inovasi-inovasi […]
Thursday April 23rd, 2015

<!–:en–>LSME: Tebar Mulyo of LSME 2015 : “One Smile a Thousand Love”<!–:–><!–:id–>LSME: Tebar Mulyo LSME 2015 : “Satu Senyuman Sejuta Cinta”<!–:–>

Background In order to position student as a part of society, where student can live and lived side by side or together with society should able […]
Tuesday May 5th, 2015

&lt;!–:en–&gt;LSME: Tebar Mulyo Lingkar Studi Mahasiswa Ekonomi dan Bisnis (LSME) 2015 : One Smile a Thousand Love&lt;!–:–&gt;&lt;!–:id–&gt;LSME: Tebar Mulyo Lingkar Studi Mahasiswa Ekonomi Dan Bisnis (LSME) 2015: Satu Senyuman Sejuta Cinta&lt;!–:–&gt;

Tebar Mulyo is an event organized annually by the Aoutonomous Institution Students Study Circle Economics and Business (LSME) Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University. Activity […]
Tuesday May 19th, 2015

<!–:en–>Management Competition Faculty of Economics, University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta<!–:–><!–:id–>Management Competition Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Atmajaya Yogyakarta<!–:–>

Management Competition Faculty of Economics, University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta is one of the biggest annual competition event management in Indonesia, which has been ongoing since […]
Thursday May 21st, 2015

<!–:en–>Public Speaking and Design Training LSME FEB UB<!–:–><!–:id–>Pelatihan Public Speaking dan Desain LSME FEB UB<!–:–>

On Saturday, 19th of April 2015 at D building, room D-6, Faculty of Economy and Business, Brawijaya University has been held Public Speaking and Design Training. […]
Thursday May 21st, 2015

<!–:en–>Upgrading Penelitian LSME 2015: Light Up Your World by Research<!–:–><!–:id–>Upgrading Penelitian LSME 2015: Light Up Your World by Research<!–:–>

Upgrading Penelitian (UP) is an annual event organized by one of the autonomous institution at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya i.e. Lingkar […]
Tuesday July 14th, 2015

Team FEB UB Got The First Place on National Economics Events (NEts) 2015

A team from Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University got the first place on one of the prestigious inter-student championship National Economic Events (NETs) held […]
Wednesday August 5th, 2015


Indonesia is a country unique in it there is a lot of diversity both in terms of tribes, cultures, religions, and languages. It is its own uniqueness that sets it apart with other countries. Not much of a country such as Indonesia in terms of diversity. But behind […]
Friday August 28th, 2015

Training and Brainstorming PKM FEB UB 2015

The university as a part of the national education system has duties to develop science and technology that is compatible to the present time and the […]