Center for Islamic Economics Studies DIKLAT CIES 2016

Kontingen FEB Siap Berjuang dalam Olimpiade Brawijaya (OB) 2016
30 September 2016
Aksi Tumbler di Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya
1 October 2016

Strengthening and softskill formation in the field of human resource development Islam is something that is important for a Muslim youth, which manage a resource it requires the ability to lead, organize, and manage both within an organization. Therefore they desperately need to develop their potentials and hone leadership skills in accordance with Islamic law. Therefore, various forms of training and personal development should always be done continuously. So is the background we CIES to hold the DC program (Training CIES), with the program expected will form students particularly multiskill Muslim youth who are ready and able to organize themselves properly in accordance with Islamic law.

On October 8, 2016 CIES conducting training in Building A3 Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya. This event begins with the collection committee and continued with the briefing until 07.30 pm. Then there is the speech of the Chief Executive, Arief Faishal Muhammad, a student of Accounting Department of Economics and Business 2015 and welcome Chairman of CIES, Resio Tirta Sanjaya is a student majoring in Accounting Faculty of Economics and Business, 2013. After that continued with an open gate and the registration of participants, then opening event at 08.00 pm. The first material is delivered by Ustad Anas Budiharjo namely lecturer at State Islamic University of Malang with the title “Deen Haq”. The first material that is moderated by Pramuditya student of Islamic Economics Faculty of Economics and Business, 2015. Furthermore, there was ice breaking to be followed by a second material, entitled “Islamic Economic Comprehensive “. Once the material is completed, followed by the rest, pray and eat (ISOMA) at 11:30 pm. 12:15 pm followed by a third material entitled “Research Methodology”, followed by a fourth material with material title “History of Economic Thought of Islam”. Furthermore, namely Asr prayer in congregation in the mosque Ar-Rahman FEB. After Asr prayer, the event will be followed by a briefing scientific papers Islamic economics at 16.00 pm followed by the last material under the title “Ghawzul Fikri”.

On October 9, 2016, continue Training II begins with Tahajjud prayers at 03.00 pm which will be followed by the dawn prayer together and the reading of Al-Ma’surat. After that, 07.00 pm outbound will be held in the form of games organized by the committee Training CIES 2016. Furthermore, there will be closure and the event ended at 10:00 pm

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