Chopped Islamic Economics with intellect and spirit Increased Application of Islamic Economics in a Global Era

EY CAMPUS HIRING 2016 di Jurusan Akuntansi FEB UB
24 March 2016
Organization Training Economics and Busines Dance Club
29 March 2016

Today, the development of Islamic Economics with flare-proliferation in terms of both academic and practical. There are so many writings on Islamic Economics are popping up in bookstores. The practitioners also took part in the development of Islamic economy characterized by the splendor of sharia-based businesses. Islamic leaders who have influence in decision-making affect the realization of the implementation of the Islamic Economic system as a whole. So also with the younger generation, especially students who are prepared to become agents of change and then change the current economic conditions become better again.

The world of college as an institution of higher education that will give birth to young intellectuals also have to make this as one of the momentum so that the campus can print the students that can change the fate of his nation. Planting the solution of the problem is not only focused on the moral improvement of students but also to the improvement of Indonesia’s economic system by conducting an assessment of the system of Islamic economy that has been proven in over a century ago to provide prosperity and justice for the people, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Various complexity of the problems faced by Indonesia increasingly encourage students of economics, especially members of CIES to recite more about Islamic Economics, one of which is through activities that have the orientation to print a cadre of economists reliable who will be able to make a major contribution to the nation, particularly in the Islamic world.

On the basis of the above reasoning, Center for Islamic Economics Studies intends to organize Islamic School of Economics (SISMIC 2016), by lifting a theme entitled “Economic chopped Islam with the spirit and the intellect Improved application of Islamic Economics in a Global Era”. Taking this theme not only needs a slogan, but it is also expected to be an answer to the constraints that exist within the organization CIES about the need for human resources qualified in the field of Islamic Economics etched through the study of Islamic Economics in a comprehensive manner with the help of speakers who are professionals in field. Through this activity is expected to print a cadre of economists Rabbani. Ash Wallahua’lam Bi-Showwab.


School of Islamic Economics (SISMIC 2016)


  1. As an organization that facilitates the cadres KIES to improve the intellect and apply in a global era through routine pengakajian Assisted by expert tutor.
  2. As a forum for intellectual improvement in terms of creating a reliable human resources.
  3. Analyze contemporary issues and provide solutions with an Islamic economic alternative
  4. Economic socialize Islam in society.
  5. Support the Islamic Economic Development at the level of academics


The event will be held on:

Day        : Sunday

Period    : 20 March-17 April 2016

Time       : 08.00-12.00 WIB

Place      : Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis

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