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Pengumuman Wisuda Periode VIII TA. 2014/2015
29 April 2015
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30 April 2015


As a country with a majority Muslim population, Islamic religion and culture is something that is indispensable for Indonesia. This is indicated by the number of Islamic schools and boarding schools are growing rapidly, particularly in Java. Thousands of mosques and mosque is widespread throughout the region. In addition, a diverse culture gave birth to a variety of religious activities vary from one region to another, but still with the same goal which is to worship Allah SWT. Watchword culturally diverse reflect the diversity in Indonesia, both in terms of language, ethnicity, customs, and religion. Although the majority of the population is Muslim, but not necessarily four other religions in subsidary. For that reason the rules of Islam or Islamic law could not be followed in this country. All forms of regulations issued by the government are appropriately protect all Indonesian citizens without exception, regardless of ethnicity, religion and race

Although the majority of the population is Muslim, there are many Islamic laws are enacted only a small part of Islamic rule to be one of the points in the legislation. Among others, the law of inheritance, marriage and buying and selling. One unfortunate thing is the rules of shari’a law focusing on Islamic economics is not in widespread use. This law is aimed at the benefit of the people that do not specialize in the Muslims alone, but thorough on all mankind.

World economic shocks could make Indonesia a loss and some times of crisis, even today. This suggests that the prevailing economic system is not strong enough to withstand the global economic turmoil. Not only Indonesia, European countries were also experiencing the same impact. However there are some European countries that managed to survive the global crisis, namely English. The question is, how the UK can withstand the conditions of the world that suffer it ?. System stable and strong economy is the answer, the economic system in question is the Islamic economic system.

If Britain were in fact non-Muslim countries capable of and successfully run a sharia-based economic system. Indonesian why not? Indonesia should be able to run it because it is supported by a large Muslim population, is expected to be a supporter of this system passes. Islamic economics aims to achieve kemashlahatan people, is not reserved for Muslims only but to all mankind. Unfortunately, Islamic economics has not been popularly used in Indonesia. Starting from 1992 the Islamic economic system began to develop, characterized by the emergence of bank Muamalat as the frontline founder of Islamic economics at that time. Currently, some conventional banks Islamic banks have issued product. It is hoped these banks is not only a trend in society, but the first step transform and make a comprehensive Islamic system prevailing in Indonesia.

As a cadre of Islamics economists, from this moment the Islamic spirit should be encouraged and widely introduced. There are many things we can do, ranging from small things that do Islamic habits and deepen insight. Central for Islamics Economics Studies (CIES) in this case the legal institute in the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya become active institutions that strive to uphold the Islamic system, in particular economic system of Islam invites all studentss to participate in the introduction of Islamic economics globally. The first step to achieving that goal, CIES held Olympics CIES that will sharpen the knowledge of Islamic economics is expected later to print the next generation are qualified in their field.

Event Name

“CGTC” (CIES Got The Challenge)

“Reviving Islamic economics for blessing”


Olympic Islamic Economics of CIES

The purpose of competition to comperhension exam cadre of Islamic economics and boost development of Islamic Economics.

Scientific Paper
The aims to improve the capacity and understanding of the participants on the development of Islamic economics as well as contemporary issues of the world economy at the moment. Scientific Writing is entitled, “Islamic economics grounding in the Indonesian economy to boost the real sector facing MEA 2015”

Essay Islamic Economics and the event was a means to channel their aspirations and ispirasi membangn to participate in Islamic economy that is able to withstand the global economic uncertainty. This essay entitled “The Role and Application of Islamic Economic System in Economic Development of Indonesia in the face of MEA 2015”

Paper Training
This activity aims to share knowledge about writing scientific papers. Through a training course held for 2 times is expected to trigger semangar participants to explore authorship scientific paper. This training activities in the resource by the lecturer of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya is an expert in writing scientific papers.


Paper Training
Business LKTI Islam
Time: May 23, 2015
Time: 08:00 to 12:00
Venue: Hall of A building
Speakers: Achmad Zaky, SE., MSA., Ak., SAS., CMA., CA

Paper Training
ICI Islamic Finance
Time    : October 10, 2015
Time    : 08:00 to 12:00
Venue  : Hall of A Building
Speakers          : Prasetyo Adi Sulistyono

Olympic CIES
Elimination round:
Date    : 21 November 2015
Time    : 8:00 to 09:30
Venue  : Hall of F building

The final round:
Date    : 21 November 2015
Time    : 09:30 to 12:00
Venue  : Hall of F building

Participants kegatan CIES Got The Challange all students are actively S1 Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya

Registration was held on May 4th to May 23th, October 1st to 10th and
November 7th -21th 2015 in:
KSEI Secretariat CIES FEB
Muhammad Rifai (089607124176)

Contact Person:
Muhammad Said Hannaf (081232471826)
Muhammad Rifai (089607124176)
Kanza Nabeela Princess (087701770635)

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