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23 April 2015
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23 April 2015

The routine agenda by the linked community of islamic economics study namely Temilnas (national science of meeting) has succes done in this year. This year, 2015 who be the organizer is region of east java, exactly in university of Diponegoro, Semarang. This event held on from 18-22 march, was present more than 400 participant from all of the campus in indonesia. They all comes from the community of islamic economic study. One of them comes from CIES FEB UB.

This year, CIES FEB UB send 9 person as delegate in Temilnas. For sharia economics olympiad there are 2 team from CIES. The first team are Rifaldi Majid (accounting 2013), Muhammad Iqbal (Islamic Economic 2012), Muhammad Hamilunni’am (Islamic Economics 2013). The second team are Muhammad Said Hannaf (Islamic Economic 2014), Sabrina Mufidha (Islamic Economic 2013), and Rita Indariatik (Accounting 2014). While for the other contest, namely Business Case Competition, CIES send Azzuhri tri Ahara (Developing economics 2011), Rizky dwi Saputra (finance and banking 2013), dan Amel Intan Pratiwi (finance and banking 2013). All of the participants from CIES and other delegates be one to strengthen ukhuwah in Temilnas XIV FoSSEI 2015.

Temilnas 2015 are consist of many ceremonial. One of them is national Seminar who attend by the expert national speaker. The seminat that titled “revitalization of islamic life style to increase market share of halal industry to confront AEC 2015” presented the academician dan practician, they are Mr. Triyono as International Directur of financial Supervisory agency (OJK), Irfan Syauqi Beik (Islamic Economic Academician), Riyanto Hotel (The owner of Sofyan Hotel), and Abdullah Yazid (The Chairman of center syariah cooperation and BMT).

After the seminar at the first day, it’s continue with training motivation by kang Rendy, meeting of KSEI dan closed with national symposium. In this symposium, all participant divided be five commision who discuss generally about halal industry in indonesia, the opportunity and challenge after out of UU. No. 33 year 2014. After discussiion in each commision, all of the participant in a wide room. This time the result of discussion is presentated and report to share holder like OJK, BI, IDX, and the other.

At the last day, all of participant invited to know more about semarang. We have do field trip to lawang sewu (one thousand door) and mosque center of east java. Here, ukhuwah and togetherness between all of the participant increase and compact. End, after dzuhur all the agenda is finished. All ekonom robbani back to their each town.

Rifaldi Majid (135020300111020)

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