(Indonesia) Kuliah Tamu PT. Toyota-Astra Motor untuk Mahasiswa Manajemen FEB UB
17 September 2017
(Indonesia) Rapat Kerja FEB UB Tahun Akademik 2017/2018
18 September 2017

CIES The Adventure is well known as CTA is an event from Public Relation Department of Center for Islamic Economics Studies Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University (CIES FEB UB). This event is held to keep relation between KSEI CIES FEB UB and HIMAEKIS UNPAD and also to establish BMT FEB UB. Every institution will need guidance and training, so that it can stand up well and give good benefits. Related to the establishment of BMT FEB UB, CIES needed to do company visit.

Cies The Adventure which was held on May 11-14, 2017 started with conditioning the participants at Gazebo UB, followed by attendance of participant and committee and also distribution of breakfast. After breakfast, then the journey begins. We traveled quite a long time from Malang to Bandung. After traveling for 19 hours, we arrived at Unpad. When we got there, we cleaned up first and continued to visit Ksei Unpad. During our visit to Ksei Unpad, we were really warmly welcomed. There, we exchange good information about Ksei, Fossei, work programs in each department, and much more.

After we visited Ksei Unpad in Jatinangor, we continued our trip to Unpad in Dipatiukur. Our trip to BMT has its own reasons, we want to visit BMT to exchange information. Because our faculty does not have BMT yet, so when the visit took place we asked more questions about the system, how to work, department or bureau in BMT.

Nama   : Muhammad Fadilah Akbar

NIM       : 165020901111002

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