Circle Marketing’s Seminar: "Explore Yourself, Be a Good Marketer"

“Enhancing The Role of Accountant for Betterment of Society”
17 May 2016
Welcoming Staff , Organization Training 1 and Organization Training 2.
18 May 2016

Students are given the knowledge of intellectuals and higher education to become a pioneer of development economy in Indonesia. Students should not only focus on the lecture bench alone. During the running of education should be balanced with the practice of business as part of the theory they have learned diperkuliahan.

Students will be the backbone for the economic progress of the nation of Indonesia. Therefore, they must have a high entrepreneurial spirit that does not rely become an employee.

Entrepreneurship is a mental attitude and spirit that is always active, creative, empowered, and understated in trying to achieve economic success. Entrepreneurial spirit itself is not necessarily a talent of a person with a sudden birth itself, but rather the science that should be studied and implemented in real life.

Therefore, the presence of a marketing training will foster knowledge about entrepreneurship, encouraging the students as the younger generation to help create jobs with entrepreneurship.Students must be motivated to improve the economy of Indonesia.

Event themes

Explore Yourself, Be a Good Marketer

Purpose and objectives

  1. Improving the quality of Human Resources
  2. Having good communication skills
  3. Develop knowledge in the business sector marketing
  4. Increase product sales marketing softskill
  5. Preparation for the Asean Economic Community in 2016. 


Schedule of Activities

Date    : Saturday. May 28, 2016

Time    : 07:30 till 12:30 pm

Place    : Hall F 7th floor building Faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University.

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