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28 September 2015
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29 September 2015

In the times are very modern and competitive in today’s human resources need creative, innovative and able to follow the developments, especially in the field of technology and skills of both individuals and groups. Can not deny that in the world of education has been in demand for it. Therefore it should be no guidance or a place to express creativity itself in the fact that it can be felt directly or in practice be able to learn and understand directly. In this case the student is the successor of the nation, which time and place to hone and look for the creative side of the experience and skills that students are well programmed and directed well, by doing things that are positive and can build upon the work of his own .

Therefore, based on the daily board meeting FEB UB Home Band will be held activities Development and Human Resources Development. Where the activity is a routine exercise activities off campus students, especially the members of FEB UB Home Band to hone themselves, work and study more deeply and intensively. These activities will be implemented in the music studio outside the campus, where the latter FEB UB Home Band will use the studio to practice. After that will be evaluated by making a mini stage with the aim of seeing the progress and results of the exercise performed. In addition to its function to hone himself, the program also seeks to improve their skills, so that students FEB UB Home Band members can do the best in every appearance.

Purpose and objectives

In general, the intentandpurposeofthis event is toprovide a forum forstudents, especiallymembers ofFEBUBHome Bandfor sharpening, train, improveanddevelopthe potential ofboth individuals andgroups throughcoachingortraining routineon themusicthatinthe futurecanexpect an
The specific objectives to be achieved through this activity are:

1. Provide an opportunity for FEB UB Home Band members to express themselves.
2. Embedding professional attitude.
3. Establish a personal character or group in music.
4. Increase the motivation and the spirit of music Homeband board.
5. Improve and develop the potential Homeband.
6. Instill solidity and loyalty to Homeband primarily on each individual
7. Increase the power of creativity to a group or individual


Implementation of Coaching  and Human Resources Development Homeband Faculty of Economics and Business 2015 will be held on September 26, 2015 to October 25, 2015.

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