Comparative Study Homeband 2015

(Indonesia) FEB UB Selenggarakan Vicon dengan Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Perekenomian
10 November 2015
Latihan Rutin Economics and Business Dance Club
10 November 2015

Along with the times which is very modern and competitive in today’s human resources need creative, innovative and able to follow these developments. It is inevitable that in the world of education has been in demand for it. Thus the need for the development of science to improve student knowledge is the fact that it can learn the art directly or sharing with more experienced.

Many places or ways for students to upgrade themselves, so as to have knowledge and to follow current developments in the vicinity. Science can come from anytime and anywhere, from anyone or anything. But at this age, learn by just reading or teaching system as usual, is enough to make the students bored and wanted to find a method of learning something in a way that meyenangkan.

Therefore, based on the daily board meeting of Home Band FEB UB will be held activities Comparative Study 2015. Where this activity is an annual event attended by all members of Home Band FEB UB to upgrade themselves, increase knowledge and share experiences with institutions outside the scope of the UB in the field of music, so they can be able to compete better in the world of music.

Based on a comparative study objectives by 2015, and adjust the flow of Home Band FEB UB is rock music, the Committee chose Bali that is a place of comparative study of 2015. This is because Bali is famous for rock music genre. And one of the goals we wanted to Bali is because Bali has a high artistic soul. Be it music, drama, and dance.


“Homeband Family Goes to Bali 2015”


In general, the intent and purpose of this event is to give members of the Home Band FEB for science wider and knowledge in the fun way so that the members have more passion in the deep field and developing the potential of individuals and establish with institutions or organizations in the outside UB so that the image Home Band FEB in the future can expect an increase.

The specific objectives to be achieved through this activity are:

  1. Provide an opportunity for members of Home Band FEB UB to upgrade themselves
  2. Instill the attitude of professionalism at the same time in the working family.
  3. Establish a personal character or group in teamwork.
  4. Increasing motivation of Homeband FEB UB’s members.
  5. Improve and develop the potential of Homeband.
  6. Establish Homeband relationship with outside agencies.
  7. Add connections cooperation with the outside UB.
  8. Increase the power of creativity to a group or individual


“The sound of the tone, creating a sense, created the work”


Comparative studiesof the Faculty of Economics and Business’s Homeband will be held 3-6 December 2015

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