Idul Adha Tour “Sharing to Fellow in the Day of Fitr”
24 September 2015
(Indonesia) Financial Accounting Update Series: “PSAK 46 Revisi (Akuntansi Pajak Penghasilan) dan Pembahasan Isu-Isu Pokok Kontemporer”
26 September 2015

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world with a population of Muslims nearly 85% of the total population of the country Indonesia.Sebagai with the largest Muslim population in the world is only logical Indonesia implement sharia-based economic system in economic activities in order to strengthen the welfare of society and the economy nasional.Tetapi unfortunately system Islamic economic system has not been implemented fully in the economy nasional.

Sistem Islamic economics can be a solution to the economic crisis of the late this.This was evidenced by being able persistence of Islamic banking in the midst of the collapse of the commercial banks during the economic crisis of 1998. Since then, the Islamic economic system began to receive attention from the government and the rapid masyarakat.Berkembang number of Islamic financial institutions have contributed to the development of Islamic economic system factor for more than a decade ini.

Masyarakat began to realize the ugliness of an economic system based on the principle of usury and begin to feel the benefits of Islamic economic system that is based on the principles for hasil.Dicanangkannya MOVEMENT OF ISLAMIC ECONOMY (GRES) in 2013 and became a good start for the development of Islamic economics in Indonesia.Perkembangan Islamic economic system can not be separated from the role of Islamic financial syariah.Lembaga financial institutions are divided into two namely financial institutions banks and financial institutions of Islamic financial nonbank.Lembaga be one important element in building the economy of communities in the Islamic financial syariah.Lembaga economic system as intermediary between the parties surplus funds (surplus units) to those who lack of funds (deficit units ) on the basis of the Shari’aIslam.Cita values ​​and goals of Islamic economic system is the realization of a prosperous civil society of spiritual and material aspects as well as the achievement of happiness falah that live in the world and in the hereafter.


This competition is intended for students / i of the various public and private universities throughout Indonesia.Kompetisi call for paper is divided into 3 phases.The first stage is the selection of abstract where participants submit the abstract of the paper that will be their second proyeksikan.Tahap namely the selection of paper. Successful applicants abstract, will send a full paper on the abstract they have made sebelumnya.Tahap third is the presentation and case studies, will be taken 10 best teams of the selection as a finalist papers call for papers Iqtishoduna who will present her paper and case study at the Faculty Economics and Business University Press Surabaya.Tema of call for paper is “Building Civil Society Economy Through Islamic Financial Institutions”


Techincal Meeting

Day, date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Time: 18:00 pm – finished

Place: Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Airlangga

National Seminar

Day, date: Thursday, October 1, 2015

Time: 08.00 am – finished

Venue: Hall Garuda Mukti C Airlangga University Campus Rector

Presentation and Case Study

Day, date: Friday, October 2, 2015

Time: 08.00 am – finished

Place: Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Airlangga

Field Trip

Day, date: Saturday, October 3, 2015

Time: 6:30 pm – finished

Contact Person:

AzharSyahida (085712297226)

Sintia FarachDhiba (085791331788)

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