Delegates Sent for GMAD 2016 Universitas Gadjah Mada

19 July 2016
Latihan Rutin 1 Economics Basketball of Brawijaya University
21 July 2016

The Main Competition of National Accounting Olympiad was held from May 25th-28th, 2016. Around 150 teams from universities all over Indonesia take the online preliminary test and only top 35 that got in to the main competition. There were four stages for the Main Competition, preliminary top 35, preliminary top 20, semifinal, and final.

On the first stage, we have to take individual written test for approximately 45 minutes and team written test for approximately 60 minutes. After the written test, we wait for an hour for the top 20 announcement. At 1 pm, the announcement was held and delegates from University of Brawijaya got into top 20 and placed 6th from 35 teams.

The second stage was Top 20 preliminary starts around half past one noon. This stage consists of two phases, split stage and unite stage. For the split stage, every member of the teams had to take individuals tests for 30 minutes with three questions for each member. The second phase, unite stage, was to do all the questions and one pop quiz for 30 minutes.

After the top 20 preliminary, we wait for the top 9 to go to the semifinal round announcement. The scores from top 35 preliminary and top 20 preliminary were accumulated and the top 9 will go the semifinal. Around 3 pm, the announcement for top 9 was announced. We place 11th from 20 teams in top 20 preliminary.

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