Delegation Reportage of Main Report for 48th Indikator Magazine FEB UB
23 October 2015
(Indonesia) Lomba Karaoke Meriahkan Dies Natalis FEB UB ke 54 Tahun
28 October 2015

On October 30, 2015 From the UB team delegation leaving for Surabaya train station Dhoho Penataran of Malang Kota Baru. Arriving at the station Gubeng delegation UB team Iqtishoduna picked up by the committee and to the inn. The next day a team of UB’s delegation together with delegations from various universities around Indonesia following the National Seminar diadakn Airlangga University Campus C. In the evening after returning to the inn, the delegation UB did Technical Meeting. Dated October 2, 2015 a team of UB’s delegation along with other leading teams from the University of Airlangga University Campus B, after breakfast the delegation entered the room to present their work

At the stage of presentation, the delegation got the sixth . Delegates have to deal with 9 other finalists from various universities. Delegation UB team mempersentasikan scientific papers to estimate the right time and in accordance with the provisions of the jury. At the time of question and answer session, delegates UB team is able to answer all the questions the jury properly. The jury also gave an evaluation in order to delegate a team of UB provides the foundation of sharia in his writings.

The next participant from the UB team to follow a series of events that Case Study where the delegation team get the order to Nine to resolve the issue in a Case Study. The next day the delegation team of UB live events that have been drafted by the committee is a field trip where delegates UB team and a team from the University of different riding the bus to the first sights that Tugu Pahlawan.

Then after a walk and take pictures at the monument Heroes UB delegation and other delegates from different universities throughout Indonesia to continue its journey to the House of Sampoerna. There, delegates get information about the history of Sampoerna and see how to manufacture cigarettes. After the delegation throughout Indonesia rest and worship at the mosque near the city hall. Then, the whole delegai towards City Hall to eat lunch. In the afternoon the committee all delgasi from various universities in Indonesia headed to one shopping mall in Surabaya to await the announcement of the winner.

After waiting long enough the announcement finally arrived and the team Universiitas UB delegation listened carefully. The announcement is the first winner was won by the University of Airlangga, the second place achieved by UB, the third prize was won by UIN Maliki. In the evening the delegation team from the University of Brawijaya to the inn for beristiahat. And on the morning of the next day the delegation team of UB towards Station Gubeng to return to Malang. This activity provides many new experiences and knowledge for the delegation team from UB

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