Development work program and human resource development Homeband

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27 May 2016
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1 June 2016

Development work program and human resource development is the work program of Homeband FEB UB in 2016. This work program is an annual work program in Homeband FEB. Homeband FEB UB is engaged in music where Homeband FEB accommodate students who are interested in the field of music. With the proker is expected to improve the capability and experience of the members in music.

This work program is a program of regular exercise work for members Homeband FEB. In the normal development and human resource development is Homeband FEB provide additional training schedule outside the studio FEB for all members. Members here are divided into several bands that will be given to their training schedule. It aims to improve the ability of each member Homeband FEB UB in terms of musical skill.

The work program Human Resources Development and Development was held in Sudio Music Efata located on Canal street Borobudur. This event was held on 15 September 2015 until 30 November 2015. In that time vulnerable each band is given a workout schedule in accordance with the schedule of each individual so that the accuracy of the use of the studio to run smoothly. In this activity consisted of 10 bands is a band member Homeband FEB 2015.

With the implementation of human resource development activities and Development, members Homeband FEB feel happy, because they can add to the experience and to improve their ability in music. Implementation of these activities went smoothly, although some miss communication occurs. But overall these activities running smoothly. Our hope in the future, we are more able to get a workout facility memadahi for members Homeband FEB.

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