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28 October 2019
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29 October 2019

In accordance with the vision and mission of Brawijaya University, the student delegation to participate in national competition that carries the name of Universitas Brawijaya in general and accounting Department of the Faculty of Economics and business in particular, is one of the form of science development that has been only gained through education in the classroom. To add to the insight and enriching knowledge that has been acquired, students are advised to join the competition to improve the skills that have been acquired.

In this era of increasingly stringent competition, accountants have a variety of important roles in supporting the ideals of Indonesian gold achievement. The accountants can help identify opportunities and threats that may arise in the process. In addressing this situation, Amak needs a reliable accountant and can adapt to the current developments.

DASH (Diponegoro Accounting’s Harmony) 2019 is a container to contribute to students in improving the quality of competent accountant resources. This activity was conducted on 26-28 Septemeber 2019 in Semarang, with the team member of the Germanal Lidri Kusuma, Hanif Rian Nur Azizah, and Alvireza Pradipta Prischayani. With this competition will be able to improve knowledge and skills for Indonesian accounting students, encouraging student competition soul in both internal and external campus and to form human resources that are insightful Broad and competent.

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