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12 May 2015
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12 May 2015

Violet Competition 2015 is an event organized by the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Public Health (BEM FKM) Airlangga University, Surabaya which registration began on 23 March until 30 April 2015. The theme of the event being held is “Time in Action”. The system is a match made the men’s team and women’s team group autumn. Maximum age for sending a delegation FEB was born in 1993. If the maximum transmitted successfully mecapai team semifinals and finals are required to bring the supporters of at least 10 people.

Violet venues Competition 2015 held in Surabaya precisely in GOR Airlangga University Campus C. Ebbrau also decided to stay in Surabaya due to maintain the stamina of any player to optimize the performance of the players during the match.
Ebbrau as one of the Semi-autonomous Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya decided to send a delegation of its best to follow the competition. Ebbrau send a men’s team consisting of 12 delegates players and also 3 official and one women’s team consisting of 12 delegates players and also 3 official.

FEB UB men’s team include M. Fazlurrahman, Bayu Wageanteng, Okky Abrianto, Handiko Bhagaskara, Rendi Pratama, Indra Dawn, Ahmad Galina, Andrew Kris, Alvin Dawn, Vito Pamungkas, Benedict Sitepu, John V. and official Hariadi Efkafia GQ, Iman Taufik, Warsono Dikaryanto.

FEB UB women’s team, among others, is Isnani Nurannisa Fitri, Puspita Wikanandha, Permata Sari Dewi, Olivia Claresta, Bella Azhari, Natasha Astria, Novya Nurul I., Anindya Astika, Aisha Assadah daughter, Gayatri daughter, Margaretha Uslin, Rima Alvionita and official Fadi Dwi Putri, Iman Taufik, Warsono Dikaryanto.

There are some universities also sent a delegation to participate in this competition and become the opponent of the FEB, among others, Airlangga University, UPN, Unesa, UHT, Ubaya, ITS, ITN, VAT, UNY, Stesia, PENS, UNEJ, and others.
Son Team FEB UB Group is in group D which involves a series of FTIK UHT and FPIK UB. Unlike the men’s team, women’s team which has a game system fall first match against FT Ubaya.

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