ECOLYMPICS 2015 HMJIE tema “DOWANTORY” (Endowment, Ant,Victory)

KM FEB DAY 1 (15th) Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business
5 August 2015
(Indonesia) 55 Mahasiswa Raih Predikat Cumlaude pada Pelepasan Periode 10 TA 2014/2015
8 August 2015

Along with the development of advanced technologies in the present and the future, UB education providers who uphold Tri Dharma College and Vision Mission Brawijaya University to produce quality human resources, capable membelajarkan themselves, have extensive knowledge, have the discipline and work ethic, as well as to develop science, technology, and art to encourage the development of culture into academic and professional personnel are resilient and able to compete at international   level.

As a form of our participation in keeping the familiarity of students majoring in Economics and SMA solidarity, harmony and, therefore, we want to continue the annual “ECOLYMPICS 2015”. The event consists of a series of arts and sports, including futsal competition, basketball competition, badminton competition and chess competitions and races Homeband. The purpose of this activity is to establish a cooperative attitude and a sense of competitive students and students with the slogan to keep the sportsmanship pobud in the act and behave, making this activity as a means of refreshing and sports facilities in the middle of dense lectures and activities can be an inspiration for participants to stay hone talents in non-academic fields, as well as improving the bond of kinship and friendship between students of FEB-UB, especially the Ministry of Economy and the level of high school students in East Java through container inspiration and innovative in non-academic fields so as to foster and promote the spirit to continue to hone in non-academic fields, especially sports and the arts.

In ECOLYMPICS 2015 event theme is “DOWANTORY” (Endowment, Ant, Victory). Implementation will be held on 18- 27 September 2015, with the intended target audience is students of the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya in 2012 to 2015 and senior high school students across the province of East Java. Our expectations  ECOLYMPICS 2015 activities carried out smoothly without any obstacles and is able to maintain the existence of the Ministry of Economy through the contribution of students and Student Association IE, increasing the sense of kinship among students of Economics and foster a sense of solidarity and harmony among students of high economy and can be a container and provide facilities in development interest and talent of high school students’.

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