ECONOMIC AWARDS 2016 : ”Caelum Personam Finem Terrae”

Training Organization 2 BEM FEB UB
11 November 2016
11 November 2016

One of the country’s assets are to play an active role in the continuity of the development of the State is qualified human resources. The college is a place as the development of human qualities, especially students that are targeted to be able to compete in progress. As a country’s assets, the student is unsure the main universities should be developed as a man by having the knowledge and skills with competitiveness. To strengthen competitiveness, it said, things that must be owned by a student is hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills of individual prowess and skills in the form of the ability of concepts, principles, laws, procedures, strategies, and techniques. While soft skills is the ability of students in working in the team (team work), the attitude of confidence, creativity, independence, communication, interakasisosial, working optimally, and so on. With regards to the meaning of hard skills and soft skills, colleges should be biased to create an atmosphere of academic as well as non of academic atmosphere, so it can develop the potential of students in the field of academic as well as non of academic.

One of the efforts that can be done to develop the potential of students optimally is through the activities of the development of interest and talents in the field of development of science, technology and art. The students were given the chance to follow a variety of activities both inside the campus and outside the campus is in desperate need of guidance and assistance to develop interests and talents and achievements in various positive activities.

In these conditions, the Division for the Development of Interest and talent of the Ministry of Human Resources Executive Board of Student of the Faculty of Economics and Business University of UB 2016 programmed the award for awards students, association, LO, and LSO in the FEB UB both the achievements of the local level, national, as well as international as a token of appreciation. With the award for achievements are expected to provide motivation to continue working and raising the alma mater in accordance with the field and keep a person a decent and humble.

Meaning and Purpose

In life, surely there is an accomplishment that often we assume as merit. The achievement is very broad and diverse. Everyone has their own strengths and can reach the achievements of whatever regardless of background.

By carrying out the theme of meaningful Langitkan Pencapaian Bumikan Kepribadian. ECONOMIC AWARDS 2016 have a common goal is to encourage awareness and the students, especially from FEB the UB School of Economics to a person who excel in the achievement of good academic as well as non of academic, without growing the attitude of arrogant or arrogant.

The purpose of special from ECONOMIC AWARDS 2016, among others :

  • Give me an appreciation of the award to undergraduates FEB UB active berpretasi in the field of academic as well as non of academic.
  • Being a means of inspiration and motivation for Undergraduates FEB UB active in order to compete effectively.
  • Being a grower seeds on students FEB UB the year 2016 to follow the performance achieved by brother the rate in FEB UB or even to achievement

The Activities

The concept of ECONOMIC AWARDS 2016 is pretty much the same with the previous year, where the appreciation of achievements is divided by categories based on the department and the especially to academic achievement.

Time and Places

The ECONOMIC AWARDS 2016 will take place on 16 December 2016, Friday. For one day, takes place at FEB UB, Malang.

Contact Person

  1. Jingga Java Malaya (082232591115)
  2. Ismi Salamatus S. (081122332542)
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