Economics and Business Champions League (EBCL)

Department Advokesma
26 November 2019
Perspektif Manajemen 2019: “Business Strategy and Innovation in the Era of Technological Development” and “Get Ready To be Millenial Investor”
26 November 2019

The development of sports and art for students is very rapid. Some students with his
intention to join the UKM in sports and art are determined to develop their interests and talents in
order to achieve achievement.Students of the Faculty of Economics and business as well as
Brawijaya University have several institutions and communities that can be used to develop
softskills and hardskills in the field of sports and art that will bring the students the potential and
Talented to achieve through the various races and matches that will be followed.Through the races
and matches that will appear sportive souls, high competitiveness, and high creativity.With that,
there will be a superior seeds that will be able to develop it again in a wider scope.
But not all students who have interest and talent in the field of sports and art have been
fully shaded by the institution and community.There are some students who must have potential
but do not follow existing institutions or communities to further develop themselves.Through the
2019”, the student Executive Body of the Faculty of Economics and Business of Brawijaya
University (BEM FEB UB) tried to be the facilitator of the thought.With this kind of sport and art
competition that is full of competition, both in the player selection process in the league stage in
each majors, or later until finally at the time the delegation of each majors rediscovered in EBCL
2019, Hopefully the participants are all students active S1 Faculty of Economics and business, can
build strong competing mentally and uphold the value of sportsmanship and have the awareness
to be able to always be the best.In addition, the EBCL 2019 event is also able to build familiarity
among students from all over the generations, increasing sportsmanship in individual students, as
well as channeling their artistic talents and sporting talent from the students of FEB UB.
It is our hope that in the long term this sport and art event can be a source of motivation
for all institutions and communities of sports and Arts in the Faculty of Economics and business
in order to be more advanced and developing.
Theme of Activity
Theme of this activiy is “Fun, Sportifity, and Friendship”
Purpose and Objectives
The general purpose to be achieved through this activity is to increase the participation of
students, especially students of Fakulas economics and Bisinis Universitas Brawijaya in
developing their personal qualities, especially the attitude of sportsmanship and Better
togetherness and maximizes the potential that you have.By building the spirit of the newly
expected faculty of Economics and Bicynics can be a superior person and benefit.
In addition to the purpose in general, as for the purpose specifically to be achieved in this
activity, namely:
1. Student S1 FEB UB has euphoria or animo towards Economis and Business Champion League
(EBCL) 2019
2. Most of FEB UB students can channel their expressions and skills especially in the field of
sport and art
3. All students of FEB UB experience a series of activities economist and Business Champion
League (EBCL) 2019
4. Maintain a rope between students of FEB UB with the planting of family value in the container
of professionalism and sportsmanship
Implementation of Activities
1. Date/Time : Saturday, 19 October 2019
Place : SM Futsal and Champions Mandala Tidar
2. Date/Time : Sunday, 20 October 2019
Place : SM Futsal, Champions Mandala Tidar, and GOR Badminton Rajabasa
3. Date/Time : Wednesday, 23 October 2019
Place : Basement Gedung E FEB UB
4. Date/Time : Saturday, 26 October 2019
Place : SM Futsal, Champions Mandala Tidar, and GOR Badminton Rajabasa
5. Date/Time : Sunday, 27 October 2019
Place : Champions Mandala Tidar

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