Economics and Business Dance Club Showcase Night 2015: “The Enlightenment of Creativity Art”

(Indonesia) Berikan Gambaran Dunia Kerja, JA FEB UB Adakan Pembekalan KKN-P
5 July 2015
SPARKLING ECORA 2015 Economics and Business Dance Club
6 July 2015

Art is a part of life of every human being, because basically every human being has the ability to explore the soft skills that exist within them. Humans are given the ability to think by God Almighty so that they can develop creativity, taste, work and intention into a complex form which is called culture.

Along with the development and the demands of the times, we are certainly aware that the culture that we have not only more pure than the roots of Indonesian culture, but some have been assimilated into the culture of other nations. It was nothing to worry about, because with it can enrich the culture of Indonesia. In addition, our younger generation still requires the values of civilization of a scientific nature. Such values can be used as an example of early human culture and serve as a basis for the emergence of cultural creations in the form of new creations. The new creations are still the basic course must be oriented on the roots and aesthetic values of the local culture. So from diverse cultural areas of the Indonesian nation, can be formed and developed in a concept dance creations. This is a manifestation of the responsibility to preserve, develop and express the nation’s culture.

As one of the autonomous agencies that are within the scope of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya, Economics and Business Dance Club (EDC) participate and contribute in all artistic and cultural activities organized by Untitled Production Indonesia. Various kinds of competition is an opportunity for EDC to indicate the presence and capabilities, as well as to test the creativity of members of EDC. Starting from these desires, then EDC seeks to maximum lift and maintain the name of the Faculty of Economics and Business, with what has been previously achievable.

“The Enlightenment of Creativity Art”

Purpose and Objectives
1.     Develop awareness of active students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in preserving and applying the art and culture of Indonesia.
2.     Making an active student of the Faculty of Economics and Business as a human being active, creative, innovative and integrity in preserving the nation’s cultural values dynamically and civilized.
3.     Establish and educate the sense of cooperation, sense of unity and solidarity among active student of the Faculty of Economics and Business.
4.     Improving and explore the creativity and imagination of students of the Faculty of Economics and Business actively involved in the organization of institutions Economics and Business Dance Club.

The Implementation of the Activities
Day/ Date    : Saturday, 7 November 2015
Time        : 19.00 – end
Place        : Gedung Kesenian Gajayana


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