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30 April 2015
(Indonesia) Mahasiwa FEB UB Berhasil Menjuarai Olimpiade Ekonomi Islam di Universitas Gunadarma
1 May 2015

Latihan Rutin Economics and Business Dance Club is a routine program every year is always held by the Autonomous Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya who take shelter in the field of dance and organizational.

Latihan Ruitn was held to train the active students of S1 FEB in dance. In every individual in this Faculty must not all gifted in one type of genre of dance alone, would have been different, therefore EDC provide the talents with many varians types of genres. In his own division, EDC has four genres of dance, trained by profesional coach, namely the modern dance and hip-hop dance taken from foreign cultures, then there is a cover genres based on Korea and Japan, and certainly there is a genre traditional dance taken from the dance culture of Indonesia, its main function is to preserve the culture of Indonesia which now began to be forgotten especially in dance.

Latihan Rutin is based at the Faculty of Economics and Business in developing and preserving the art and culture of the nation, making the students of the Faculty of Economics and Business as a human being active, creative and innovative in preserving the nation’s cultural values ​​dynamically and civilized, foster and educate the sense of cooperation, sense unity and solidarity among students, increase creativity and imagination EDC has been achieved.

Latihan Rutin followed by all active members of the EDC, usually held every Friday or another day that has been approved by each member of each genre, and implemented in Basement FEB UB and UKM 2nd floor.

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