2 FEB UB Delegation Team Received BEST PAPER and BEST PRESENTATION in TEMILNAS XVII FoSSEI Event in Medan

Dikau Tondo Prastyo 2nd Winner at ACCOUNTS Paper Competition 2018 at Andalas University
31 March 2018
Delegation of the race Debate Sharia Economic Week 6 Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta 2018
2 April 2018

MALANG – Students of FEB UB again mention the name of faculty and university in the national arena. This time 2 teams of FEB student delegates from CIES institute succeeded in winning Best Presentation title at Symposium branch of Commission 1, and Best Paper on Symposium branch of Commission 2 in TEMILNAS XVII event. Best Presentation was achieved by Muhammad Faisal Agus (Management 2017), Demas Naufal Hakim (Management 2017), and Muhammad Raffy Nugraha (Islamic Economy 2017). While Best Paper achieved by Riski Damarfadilah (Management 2015), Ergy Restu (Accounting 2016), and Lulu Aulia Rahmani (Islamic Economics 2016).

The National Scientific Meeting (Temilnas) FoSSEI itself is the biggest Islamic economic event held by FoSSEI for sixteen times in more than ten campuses, where the host of Temilnas this time is UIN North Sumatra. This year, Temilnas presents the theme of “Optimizing Socio-Techno Finance for Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) Development” and consists of several sub-activities, including the Islamic Economics Olympiad, Symposium, International Seminar, Video Company Profile Competition, CEO Talks, Gathering KSEI throughout Indonesia, Exhibition and Field Trip.

Ergy from the symposium team of commission 2 explained that the stages that go through the abstract selection, then complete the fullpaper, and the grand final stage held for four days (25-29 / 03/2018) at Hajj Medan Medan North Sumatra. With the title of paper “Khadijah.ID: Entrepreneurship Empowerment Platform of Indonesian Muslim-Based Creative Economy”, the symposium team of the commission 2 succeeded in sabet the Best Paper category. While the symposium commission 1 team successfully sabet the Best Presentation category with the title paper “Farmtech.com: Farmers Contract Solutions for Farmers Based Crwodfunding Shariah”.

“Diligent-diligent reading, lots of practice and learning with senior-seniors who science and experience is high, if the competition do not diniatin solely looking for trophy, but to find friends, links, relationships and experiences, that’s just enough, way too “Ergy’s message to candidates for FEB UB delegates.